That's just the wasn't just a crush anymore. She had become completely infatuated with this boy. A boy she'd never met. A boy who didn't even know she existed.
♥ Happily ♥

Conversations at an all girl school

Me:You really should dump him. He is such an ass.

Friend: Well, I kinda just wish I could break up with him over text. Any good ideas on how to do this?

Me: Well, you could show up at his school, Tar and Feather him, and hope he gets the hint. 

Other friend: I have a huge respect for you now. 


Friend: So I was watching Labyrinth and-

Other friend: Oh, no! Please I can only think of David Bowies unwanted bulge in those God awful tights. It’s like:

You remind me of the bulge.

What bulge?

Bulge with the power!

What power?

Power of voodoo!

Who do?

You do!

Do What?

Remind me of the bulge! 

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